Tech but not tech?

Tech but not tech?

Tech Accounting!

What happens if you don’t upgrade your accounting software at the end of the year? Yes, you are right you will lose functionality, one of our clients, obviously being unaware of mandatory up-gradation after 12 months and especially after paying heavy sum ($10K) to buy the software was unable to use the software for 48 hours and guess what on top of this!

He found out, after several efforts to reach the vendor for the solution, that vendor is only available on the weekend! Well, Yes you guessed it right vendor knew what is going on but not the client, so the first thing the vendor told the client after turning up an hour late on the weekend! You have to upgrade the software, what??

Now after such an experience, would you trust any software or provider?

Like other areas of business or life, in accounting too, believe it or not, technology such as AI has arrived and is making things for more easier than ever, and guess what for such solutions (Xero for example) there is no annual upgradation but features are added regularly, unlimited users choice and certified advisors like us are in your reach 24/7 with no extra costs.

It is not fair while talking AI in accounting, to not mention how it is helping businesses to get paid faster and ease the cash flow problems, for example, while waiting at the traffic signal last week, I was able to share the invoice with a click when a client responded to my WhatsApp message for payment follow-up saying he has not received the invoice.!! How much time I saved??

I could have easily forgotten to send the invoice that day If had chosen to send the invoice later when I am back in the office.

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