One Step -What kind of small business are you when it comes to taking on new tech?

One step

What kind of small business are you when it comes to taking on new tech? Use behavioural science to find out!

Don’t always feel comfortable adopting new technology into your business? Daunted by the pace and risks of change? Sick of hearing every single vendor preaching at you to digitally transform? You’re not alone. We surveyed more than 4000 small businesses worldwide to identify the most common behavioural barriers to new tech to help you better understand what may hold you back (read more here), so we’re hoping you’ll find the results useful…or at least worthy of a laugh.

Take this quiz and tap into our behavioral science research to find out which mindsets and behaviours are most likely holding you back from adopting new technology.

Remember, one step is all it takes to move you on your tech journey.

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The report

In a world-first study, we applied behavioural science to identify the key behavioural barriers that might hinder small businesses in choosing to adopt new technology. In this report, you’ll read our findings, including insights specific to each country we surveyed, as well as recommendations that can help small businesses take one step in their tech journey.

The human barriers to technology adoption

Xero has harnessed the power of behavioural science to produce a global landmark study on the behavioural barriers small businesses face in adopting technology and how to help them to overcome these.

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