Now or later

Startup AccountantNow or later

In many cases, unfortunately, accounting is the last thing entrepreneurs, starting their journey will consider, mostly because;

  • they rely on their excel skills.
  • have passion & love doing everything on their own and in some cases want to save dollars.

Does this help?

Recently while on-boarding a newly set up business, (4 months into the business) when we asked for the bills to record the costs incurred in setting up and for bookkeeping purposes, she was not sure how much money she has spent this far?

And upon asking for bills of various expenses which we knew she would have incurred, she started panicking and our discussion led her to go through her personal accounts and finding more bills, obviously knowing how much she has spent was another shock. Luckily she found most of the bills!!!

In another similar scenario where no proper books of accounts were maintained from the beginning, Business got a penalty for late tax registration just because the owner confused the turnover threshold with actual monies received in the account!

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