get paid faster

Get Paid faster!!

Getting paid timely is vital for keeping cash flow healthy for any business, following simple steps can get you there.

Payment terms; communication is key here clearly define terms and ensure the customer is aware of your expectations on the payment date.

Invoice promptly; Optimize the process of invoicing, use tech-based tools so invoices are out the minute goods/services are delivered.

Invoice Description; Clearly outline specifications of items/services delivered.

Invoice to the right person; Know the organization hierarchy electronically invoices can be sent to multiple persons.

Payment reminders; Don’t be afraid to chase payment, use tools to automate payment reminders.

Payment options; weigh the online payment options cost with cost of delay in payments and consider setting up online payment options such as papal, payfort etc.

Be Consistent; make the process integral part of operations. Sound difficult get in touch +971 50 5025594 we will automate the entire process.