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What is Xero Accounting?

Xero cloud accounting and bookkeeping software in Dubai allows you to take care of your business when and where you need it. Because we are a cloud accounting software you are able to share access to your latest business numbers with us quickly. There are over 500 applications that integrate into Xero so we are sure to find a solution for your business needs. Through Xero you are able to create and send professional invoices and manage payments online. Track cash flow, and schedule bill payments automatically. Xero allows you to connect your bank feeds, import and categorise your latest banking, credit card and paypal transactions. Stay organised and up to date with Xero. Take accounting and bookkeeping for your business to the next level, save time, money and the stress of keeping track of everything with Xero.


For more information on what Xero can do for you select the following links:

Manage An Invoice Or Bill In Non Base Currency

Manage an invoice or bill in Non-base Currency check to see if it has been paid with a currency other that the invoice or bill and different to your base currency

Manage Loans And Mortgages

Manage Loans and Mortgages There are two ways to manage a loan or mortgage with Xero accounting software.

Move Imported Statements

Move Imported statements If you have imported a bank statement incorrectly, and you don’t have the original statement file, Xero accounting software makes it easy to export these lines and import them to where they belong.

Handle Dishonoured Payments

Handle Dishonoured Payments If a payment gets dishonoured, such as a bounced cheque, or a reversed automatic payment. Manage it with Xero.

Process Prepayments

Process prepayments and Process overpayments account for prepayments either in sales or purchases in Xero accounting software. Or process overpayments whether you have made one or received use of Xero to create and reconcile transactions to account for an overpayment.

Manually Reconcile Statements

Manually Reconcile Statements  Being able to manually reconcile statement lines is useful when you don’t have bank statements available to import into Xero accounting software.

Find And Edit Bank Transactions

Find and Edit Bank Transactions Xero allows you to search and edit banking transactions.

Import Csv Bank Statement

Import CSV Bank Statement, by setting up the bank feed export transactions history for your account to Xero software.

Create Bank Rules

Create Bank Rules to automate coding in your bank reconciliation.

Transfer Between Bank Accounts

Transfer between Bank Accounts, Use Xero accounting software to record when you transfer money between business bank accounts.


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